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Couples like Brenda and Keith are always looking for new
experiences. I was really lucky when I met them. Brenda caught my eye, and she looked really interested. Oh my Gosh, did she look sexy! I couldn't wait to shove a nice hottie down her throat and
pussy. And believe me, I did. Lots of times. She would bend down
and suck my cock while her husband was fucking her, and she
would then suck on his dick and let me screw her hole...Geez!
That was something!
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That day it just had to be Alison. I love blondes. Dunno. There's something about them that triggers a positive response in my
pants. And by the way, blondes do have more fun! Why? Well get
this. I see a nice couple at the restaurant,smile at them. They
smile back. Then the waiter brings me a note with a phone number from those guys, and there you go, I'm fucking this hot babe with
her husband's help that very day! What can I say, life's a lottery.
And I really won this time!
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I don't know about you, but I get a bang out of undressing other people's wives. There's something about swinging that I really can't get enough of. Take Angie, for example. This babe and her
boyfriend were willing to try out something new. So the moment we started taking her clothes off...oh wow...I felt my tool rise up and
get real strong. Undressing was just a tiny little part of what we
were doing out there
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Oh, I'm still not quite over this one. Guess I loved the whole idea of fucking a married chick right on the table. I should try that out again some time... Anyhow, this couple was something! They invited me to the dinner room, and before I knew it, Simon and I were banging Linda on that very dinner table! She loved taking cock into her
mouth and licking it all over. And she sure loved the thrusts she
got into her pussy!
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